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Organic Chana Dal

Organic | Chemical-Free | Unpolished
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Chana Dal is yellow and is round on one side and flat on the other. It is one of the most popular lentils in India and is also known as Split Bengal Gram. Chana dal is made by splitting a chickpea. It has the looks and smell of popcorn kernels.

Chana ki Dal is full of protein and is a great plant-based alternative for the ones who do not consume meat. India produces the most amount of Chana Dal and is used for making soups, dal, and even sweets.

It is a staple diet all over India. In Gujarat, Chana Dal with bottle gourd is used to make Doodhi Chane ki Dal ki Subzi. In southern India, the unripe Chana daal is consumed as a snack. The famous Sindhi breakfast Dal Pakwan is also made using Chane ki Daal.

Sowing– The best time to sow Chana is in the first and second week of October. 

WeedingChana is prone to weed infections. They should be checked for weeds 20-25 days after sowing and then again after 2 months.

Soil Condition– Sandy loam soil is suitable for growing Chana. 

Harvest– Their leaves start to dry and turn into a mix of red and brown. They usually take 95-110 days to grow fully and are usually harvested by April.

After harvesting Chana, it should be left to sun dry for 5-6 days and must be dried before storage.

After buying, you should empty the packet of Chana ki Dal into an airtight container and store it in a dry place. If done properly, it will stay good for over a year. Cooked Chana ki Dal should be stored in the fridge.

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Chana Dal is a baby chickpea that is split into two. It is round on one side and flat on the other and is used in many dishes in various ways throughout the world.

Eating Chana Dal will help you in controlling cholesterol and diabetes. It also helps with strengthening of bones and teeth.

It is best to buy Organic Chana Dal from True Story Organics because it is free from any harmful pesticides and is also more nutritious. You can buy 1kg organic chana dal for ₹190 on True Story Organics.

They are the same. Chana Dal is known as Split Chickpeas in English.

Chana Dal can be cooked in various ways. It can be cooked in the form of dal, sabzi and can also be used as flour.

It takes 20-25 mins for the Chana Dal to get cooked. You should soak the dal at least 30 minutes before you start cooking.

Chana Dal should be cooked before you eat it. However, you can eat unripe and roasted Chana Dal as much as you want.

You can either have chana dal as a dal or mix it with a vegetable to have it as a subzi. You can roast them and have them as chaat as well.

The best way to store Chana Dal is by pouring it out in an airtight container and placing it in a cool area.

If stored properly, Chana dal can last up to a year in your house. However, if cooked, it should be consumed within a day.

Our organic chana dal is grown with utmost care. No chemicals or preservatives are used in our chana dal.

Yes, our Chana Dal, along with all of the other products, is 100% organic certified with Ecocert, Jaivik Bharat, and Indian Organic.

Why True Story?

At True Story, we believe that food is the healthiest and the tastiest in its purest form; and it remains in its purest form only when it is grown using organic farming methods. Organic means no chemical fertilizers, no synthetic pesticides, and no GMOs. Food that is grown using organic and natural farming techniques is considered very healthy for one's body since it is free of harmful chemicals. Organic cultivation methods are considered very healthy for the soil as well since they increase the regenerative capacity of the soil.

At True Story - a brand by Gulab Oils, we never compromise on the quality of food that we provide to our customers. We source all the food grains from only 100% certified organic farms from across the country. All our products are certified organic as per NPOP standards.

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