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Do you know that food in the previous centuries was never considered to be a cause on unhealthiness? It all started when food was seen as product by the marketeers which was to be sold and profits were to be made. From that point, all types of adulterations were either masked or marketed. So much so that we as humans started believing that food is actually the root cause of various bodily disorders.

But we believe that TRUTH should prevail and that’s what we are here for. We want the fellow humans to believe that F in ‘Food’ stands for Fit. We are here to disrupt the notion that ingredients at the back of the product have to be minimized and that can only be achieved with the power of ‘TRUTH’.

How We Are Different Transparent
The Founders
Dishit Nathwani

Dishit Nathwani, Known for his unique entrepreneurial mindset, he is currently the Group Director of ‘House of Gulab’- a parent company that bags Gulab Oils, Gulab Goodness, Rewynd Snacks, and True Story brands in its kitty. After joining the family business and proving himself with exponential growth achievements in the legacy brand, he successfully launched True Story in 2022. The aim was to provide reasonably priced organic food staples to the people of India and because of his energy, enthusiasm, and experience, the brand has received great success within a short time.

Avani Nathwani, The sibling counterpart, she is also Director at ‘House of Gulab’ and Working in the FMCG ecosystem provided her with the opportunity to meet and greet the local farmers and supplier’s community on a regular basis, the practice that strengthened her belief that ’Food should not come at the cost of either farmers or nature’.

She handles the end-to-end operations at True Story from sourcing to shipping and is constantly engaged in creating awareness around the consumption and benefits of organic food. With her commitment to customers, she has truly been successful in challenging the notion that organic food is only for the rich.

Avani Nathwani
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