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Organic Little Millet

Organic | Chemical-Free | Fibre-Rich
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Little Millet is a small and round grain belonging to the Millet family. It varies from pale yellow to light brown and has a slightly nutty flavor. Little Millet is grown in tropical countries like India, China, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

In India, it is called Kutki or Shavan in Hindi, Samai in Tamil, Chama in Malayalam, and Gajro in Gujarati. It can be eaten as rice or ground into flour to eat as roti or dosa.

Little Millet is a traditional crop in many Indian states and has been cultivated for centuries. In Ayurveda, Little Millet belongs to the Trinadhanya Varga which includes grains that are grown through grass. It helps people suffering from Vata dosha as it controls the heat produced in the body.

Many cultures believe little millet is a symbolic representation of fertility, prosperity, and abundance and so they are used to prepare delicacies during religious ceremonies and festivals.

Climate: Little Millet Samai is best grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions. It needs a high amount of moisture and humidity throughout. 

Soil: To achieve the best yield, Little Millet Samai is planted in sandy loam and clay soil. It requires the soil to have a good drainage system.

Sowing: The seeds for growing Little Millet Samai are planted manually or using a seed drill by keeping them at a distance of 20-25 cm. 

Harvesting: You can determine if the crop is mature when it turns yellow or brown. Typically, it takes 3-4 months for Little Millet Samai to fully grow. 

Threshing: After harvesting, you can thresh the crop either by hitting the stalk with a wooden stick or by passing it through a machine called a thresher.

Little Millet can last up to 6 months in the pantry if it is kept in an airtight container and placed in a cool area. Little Millet can last for up to a year if it is stored in the freezer.

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Little Millet is a small and round grain belonging to the Millet family. It varies from pale yellow to light brown and has a slightly nutty flavor.

Little Millet has various health benefits such as regulating diabetes and blood pressure. It also helps to prevent chronic diseases.

You should buy Little Millet from True Story Organics because they ensure that your food is not contaminated with harmful pesticides or chemicals.

You can order Organic Little Millet by visiting our website, True Story Organics. Just add your product to the cart and update Shipping and Payment details. It is as easy as that!

Along with the standard delivery, we also provide the cash-on-delivery option.

After the order has shipped, it will take 4-7 days for the order to arrive at your place.

We accept returns up to 30 days of purchase only if the product is still in the original packaging and has not been opened or used.

You can store little millet samai for 6 months if it is placed in an airtight container and kept in a dark area. You can either cook Little Millet as rice or by grounding it into flour and eating it as a roti or rice.

We at True Story Organics offer a wide range of organic products from pulses and rice to sugar and flour. To know more, you can visit our website.

Why True Story?

At True Story, we believe that food is the healthiest and the tastiest in its purest form; and it remains in its purest form only when it is grown using organic farming methods. Organic means no chemical fertilizers, no synthetic pesticides, and no GMOs. Food that is grown using organic and natural farming techniques is considered very healthy for one's body since it is free of harmful chemicals. Organic cultivation methods are considered very healthy for the soil as well since they increase the regenerative capacity of the soil.

At True Story - a brand by Gulab Oils, we never compromise on the quality of food that we provide to our customers. We source all the food grains from only 100% certified organic farms from across the country. All our products are certified organic as per NPOP standards.

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