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Organic Jaggery Powder

Organic | Chemical-Free | Iron-Rich
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Jaggery Powder is extracted from the sap of sugarcane, which has a high sucrose level. It is found in South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines. It is sold both as a block and a powder to make it easy to eat.

Organic Jaggery Powder comes in off-white, golden-brown, and dark brown colors and has a sweet taste. Jaggery Powder can be used to replace white sugar in most recipes.
It is known as gur in Hindi, Odia, and Bengali; vellam in Tamil; and Sharkara in Malayalam. Kolhapur in Maharashtra is the largest producer of Jaggery Powder in India.

Jaggery Powder holds great cultural significance as it is used to make Tilgul in Maharashtra and Tal na Laddu in Gujarat during Makar Sankranti. In Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Jaggery Powder is used to make Milk Pongal or Chakkara Pongal. It is also used in chutneys and curries to balance out the spice.

  • Extraction: To make Gur Powder, the juice is extracted from the sugar cane. 
  • Clarification: The juice is then heated to remove any impurities.
  • Concentration: The pure juice is boiled to form a thick syrup.
  • Setting: The syrup is poured into molds and left to cool down and solidify. After solidifying, it becomes Jaggery or Gur.
  • Crushing: To make Gur Powder, you should crush the solidified gur to make a powder. 

Organic Gur Powder is meant to be stored in an airtight container to ensure no moisture gets in. It should be placed in a cool and dark area.

The shelf life of Organic Gur Powder is between 9-12 months. Storing Organic Gur Powder is a tedious task that should be done aptly, especially during monsoon when the air is moist.

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Jaggery Powder comes from the sap of sugarcane. It is made into a thick syrup that is solidified and then crushed to make what we know as Gur Powder.

Jaggery Podwer helps with curing constipation, clearing acne, treating iron deficiency, and lowering blood pressure, along with many other things.

You should buy jaggery powder as it is equally delicious and sweet yet way healthier than white sugar. You can indulge in your sweet-tooth fantasies without any guilt. You can buy the best Organic Jaggery Powder from True Story Organics.

Refined sugar is 99.99% of sucrose. All of its nutrients and color are stripped away while processing it. Jaggery Powder, on the other hand, is much less processed and acts as a healthier option, especially for people with high sugar levels.

Jaggery Powder is a direct substitute for sugar in all recipes. You can prepare loads of sweets with Gur Powder or even use it in chutneys and curries to balance and add more flavor to them.

You can use a dash of jaggery powder in your dal to enhance the taste of it. You can also make healthy cookies by replacing sugar with jaggery.

At the end of the day, jaggery powder is still a form of sugar, but it is one of the best sugar alternatives for people with diabetes who still wish to eat sweets and do not want to compromise their taste.

You can store jaggery powder in an airtight container and place it in a cool and dark place.

The shelf life of gur powder is between 9 months to 12 months

You should look for certifications on the packaging of the jaggery powder. If there is none, you can know it is real jaggery if it is grainy and is a darker shade of brown.

Why True Story?

At True Story, we believe that food is the healthiest and the tastiest in its purest form; and it remains in its purest form only when it is grown using organic farming methods. Organic means no chemical fertilizers, no synthetic pesticides, and no GMOs. Food that is grown using organic and natural farming techniques is considered very healthy for one's body since it is free of harmful chemicals. Organic cultivation methods are considered very healthy for the soil as well since they increase the regenerative capacity of the soil.

At True Story - a brand by Gulab Oils, we never compromise on the quality of food that we provide to our customers. We source all the food grains from only 100% certified organic farms from across the country. All our products are certified organic as per NPOP standards.

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