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Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Chemical-Free | Pesticide-Free | Nutrients Intact
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Pack Size : 500ml

Extra virgin coconut oil typically has a pleasant, sweet aroma of fresh coconuts. The scent should be natural and not overly processed or artificial. The oil is usually solid at cooler temperatures and becomes liquid at higher temperatures. Extra virgin coconut oil is typically colorless or may have a faint, ivory hue. It is not usually yellow or brown unless it has undergone refining processes.

With Kerala being on top, Karnataka, Maharastra, Gooa and other souther states are amongst coconut cultivation. The process of making extra virgin coconut oil involves extracting oil from fresh coconut meat using mechanical or natural methods without the use of heat or chemicals.

Mature coconuts are harvested from coconut palm trees. The outer husk is removed to expose the hard shell. Mature coconuts are harvested from coconut palm trees. The outer husk is removed to expose the hard shell. The grated or chopped coconut is then subjected to pressing to extract the coconut milk. This can be done using traditional methods. The extracted coconut milk contains both oil and water. To separate them, the coconut milk is left to stand, allowing natural separation to occur. This results in the formation of two distinct layers – the oil-rich upper layer and the water-rich lower layer.

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Organic products are often chosen for reasons such as reduced exposure to synthetic chemicals, support for sustainable farming practices, and the belief that organic foods may have higher nutritional content.

Organic food is produced without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs, using natural farming methods that prioritize soil health and sustainability. Non-organic (conventional) food may involve the use of synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms, and conventional farming practices that may impact soil and environmental health.

Refined products undergo processing to remove impurities and often have a smoother texture and longer shelf life. Unrefined products are less processed, retaining more natural nutrients and flavors

Organic products offer benefits such as reduced exposure to synthetic pesticides, support for sustainable farming practices, potentially higher nutritional content, and avoidance of genetically modified organisms.

You can identify organic products by looking for official organic certification labels on the packaging, such as USDA Organic, EU Organic, or equivalent certifications. These labels indicate that the product has met specific organic farming and processing standards.

Why True Story?

At True Story, we believe that food is the healthiest and the tastiest in its purest form; and it remains in its purest form only when it is grown using organic farming methods. Organic means no chemical fertilizers, no synthetic pesticides, and no GMOs. Food that is grown using organic and natural farming techniques is considered very healthy for one's body since it is free of harmful chemicals. Organic cultivation methods are considered very healthy for the soil as well since they increase the regenerative capacity of the soil.

At True Story - a brand by Gulab Oils, we never compromise on the quality of food that we provide to our customers. We source all the food grains from only 100% certified organic farms from across the country. All our products are certified organic as per NPOP standards.

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