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Organic Ragi Porridge

Instant Mix
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Organic Ragi Porridge is one of the healthiest breakfasts, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This dish has been a staple in Indian houses and passed down from grandmas to grandkids. Traditionally made with the ragi known as Finger Millet in English, ragi porridge is a nutrient-rich dish.

Ragi is an ancient crop grown in India, Uganda and Ethiopia. Depending on different cultures and places, the ragi has many names, like Nachni in Marathi, Kezhvaragu in Tamil, Madua in Bengali and Kodra in Himachal Pradesh.

Ragi is widely known for its high nutritional values, essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. And organic instant ragi porridge is a quick way to include this healthy dish in your diet. It is a good source of energy and a gluten-free breakfast option.

Including the Organic Ragi Porridge regularly in your diet means choosing a healthier lifestyle without giving up on yummy taste or quality.

Keeping in mind busy schedules and the urge to eat healthy, True Story presents its ready-to-cook meals, saving cooking time with no added preservatives!

  • Dry roast the mix on a medium flame for a couple of minutes and then add 625 ml of water and cook for 3-4 mins on medium flame.
  • And your delicious Ragi Porridge is ready to eat!

  • Jaggery Powder (55.15%)
  • Ragi flour (18.38%)
  • Milk Powder (9.19%)
  • Ghee (9.19%)
  • Almond Flakes
  • Grated coconut
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Cardamom
  • Dry Ginger powder
  • Basil seeds.

Climate: Finger Millet requires a warmer climate of 25C- 35C for the best yield. 

Soil: Porous light red loamy-sandy soil is best for growing organic ragi. Ensuring an adequate drainage system for cultivating organic Finger Millet is essential. 

Sowing: Finger Millet can be sown year-round, but it’s best to plant it from June to September for most crops. Make sure to put the seeds about 25-30 cm apart and plant them 3 cm deep for a good harvest.

Harvesting: Ragi Millet mature and ready to harvest in 3-5 months after sowing. Afterwards, they gather and pile them up for two months before separating the grains. To do this, they hit the stalks with a stick.

Ragi can last for over a year if they are correctly stored.

  • After buying them, empty the packet of Organic ragi in an airtight container.
  • Put the container in a cool and dry area.
  • Places with moisture should be avoided.


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Organic Ragi Porridge is a healthy breakfast made from finger millet. It’s a warm and thick dish that’s rich in vitamins and fibre, offering a nutritious and tasty start to your day.

The key ingredients in ragi porridge typically include:

  • Ragi (finger millet) grains
  • Water or milk
  • Sweetener of choice such as sugar or jaggery

Here’s how you can make organic instant ragi porridge:

  • Boil some water or milk.
  • Add the organic instant ragi porridge mix while stirring.
  • Keep stirring and cooking for a few minutes until it gets thick.
  • Let it cool a bit.
  • Pour it into a bowl.
  • If you like, add sugar or honey for sweetness.
  • Stir, and your tasty organic instant ragi porridge is ready to eat!

The potential benefits of eating Organic ragi porridge include the following:

  • It has a low glycemic index(GI).
  • It is nutrient-rich.
  • Boost and support digestive health.
  • Its low-fat content helps people lose and maintain weight.
  • It’s a gluten-free diet option.

Ragi ganji is not calorically dense. It is a nutrient-rich fare furnishing a harmonious energy balance sans excessive calorie intake, rendering it a stellar choice for a wholesome diet.

Absolutely! Ragi porridge is a good food choice for your weight loss. Its high fibre and protein content can help keep you feeling full longer. This reduces the urge to snack and thereby aids in weight management.

The shelf life of cooked ragi porridge is typically around 2-3 days when stored in the refrigerator.

You will get your order 4-7 days after shipping.

Sure thing! Use milk for a creamier texture, constantly stir to prevent lumps, add a pinch of salt for flavour, sweetened with jaggery or honey, and get creative with toppings like fruits or nuts for extra flavour and nutrition.

You can buy organic ragi porridge online from True Story Organics.

Why True Story?

At True Story, we believe that food is the healthiest and the tastiest in its purest form; and it remains in its purest form only when it is grown using organic farming methods. Organic means no chemical fertilizers, no synthetic pesticides, and no GMOs. Food that is grown using organic and natural farming techniques is considered very healthy for one's body since it is free of harmful chemicals. Organic cultivation methods are considered very healthy for the soil as well since they increase the regenerative capacity of the soil.

At True Story - a brand by Gulab Oils, we never compromise on the quality of food that we provide to our customers. We source all the food grains from only 100% certified organic farms from across the country. All our products are certified organic as per NPOP standards.

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